Left to Suffer: A Five-Part Series

Ongoing, In-Depth Investigative Series from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune about the prevalence, and lack of response to, elder abuse in Minnesota.


Most elder abuse allegations aren’t investigated

Minnesota Public Radio interview with Chris Serres, author of ‘Left To Suffer’.



Preventing elderly abuse in nursing homes

“The most recent audit by the Inspector General’s Office of Health and Human Services says Illinois has the highest number of nursing home neglect incidents in the U.S. Unfortunately, 40 percent of these incidents go unreported to local authorities for many reasons.” – Fox 55 Illinois coverage of state-wide study of nursing home elder abuse.


What to do if you suspect elder financial abuse

“Financial advisers are in a prime position to stop elder financial abuse, but spotting the signs and having the difficult conversation that follows is something the industry is still grappling with.” – Article from financial adviser publication Professional Planner highlighting ways for professionals to recognize financial abuse.


Know the Law: Does sister have mom’s best interest in mind?

Q: My elderly mother signed a document naming my sister as power of attorney, but I’m not sure my sister is looking out for her best interests. What can I do?

A: Elder abuse cases are a significant part of my practice, and it is not uncommon in those cases to discover that someone acting under a power of attorney has not acted in the best interests of the principal. In such cases, the law in New Hampshire provides powerful protections for the principals and their loved ones. . . ” – Business advice column in New Hampshire Union Leader.