Elder Abuse is the Mistreatment of an Older Person.

What is Elder Abuse?

Abuse of an older person can be physical, emotional or sexual. It also includes neglect and financial exploitation.

The Causes

From a lack of appropriate services and community support, to negative stereotypes, elder abuse stems from our social structures.

The Costs

Elder abuse affects us all. Older people pay the price physically, emotionally and practically and society pays in health and legal costs.

The Answers

Elder abuse isn’t just down to individuals. It’s our responsibility, as a society, to reduce the risks and address the injustices that threaten older people’s health, security and happiness.

What You Should Know About Elder Abuse

The impact on older people

Millions of older people in our country are abused, neglected and exploited. They may be robbed of their dignity, or of their savings. They risk losing their health, peace of mind, or even their lives.

A national epidemic

An estimated 10% of older adults are abused each year in the US. It doesn’t only happen in their own homes, but in nursing homes, which are supposed to give them care and security.

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The effect on others

Those who witness or suspect elder abuse suffer too. The stress of knowing a victim can range from financial – as they try to help someone who’s being exploited – to emotional – as they try to protect them.

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We can make a difference

Vulnerability doesn’t have to be a part of aging. By funding and reforming services, strengthening community structures and respecting older people as equal and valuable we can stamp out elder abuse and create a better society.

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Learn more about the signs of elder abuse, isolation and neglect. We seek to raise awareness of the hidden epidemic of elder abuse and provide resources to victims - and those who care for them.

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