What We Do

We support research, education, direct service, and policy work with the goal of preventing, detecting, intervening, and ultimately eradicating elder abuse.

Elder Abuse Takes Many Terrible Forms






Nursing Home

We Address Elder Abuse Through Four Program Areas


We support ground breaking research that seeks to prevent, detect, and treat elder abuse that occurs in community or nursing home settings.

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Direct Services

We have created innovative programs for communities, hospitals, and nursing homes to serve elder abuse victims and the people who care about them, and we provide technical support to communities who want to replicate them.

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Join Us in the Fight Against Elder Abuse.

You can make a difference! Join us through action, and by supporting effective programs to diminish elder abuse in Research, Direct Services, Education, Policy & Advocacy.


We educate the public and professionals on the epidemic of elder abuse, and ways to prevent or intervene in this most recently recognized form of interpersonal violence.

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Policy & Advocacy

We advocate for evidence-based policies to combat elder abuse in several ways, including testimony before governmental bodies and the publication of important papers intended to help legislators and policy makers.

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Every Dollar Counts

There is no such thing as a small donation.  We will make sure your generosity translates into real impact.

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