We’re Working Together to End Elder Abuse

What We Do

From supporting and protecting victims of elder abuse, to strengthening communities and enabling research, we work to end the exploitation, neglect and mistreatment of older people and build a fairer society.

Direct Services

Our multi-disciplinary, specialist teams are made up of professionals who review and respond to elder abuse. Hospital-based protection teams work to identify, report and address abuse among older patients, who may rarely leave their homes.

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Visit our Elder Abuse Solutions Resource Clearinghouse for a variety of information on elder abuse, including signs of elder abuse, actions plans, and where to get help. This resource is available to at risk older adults and concerned family, friends and neighbors.

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Family Support

Our confidential Helpline will give practical and emotional support to caregivers and people concerned about elder abuse. We will provide information, support and referrals for family, friends and neighbors.

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We’re carrying out investigations into the prevalence of nursing home abuse and the financial exploitation of older people. These insights inform our work with individuals, communities and decision-makers. Our research makes doctors and nurses more effective in detecting abuse.

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Together, We Can End the Injustice of Elder Abuse

The solution to elder abuse is in our hands. By working together to strengthen our social structures and community support we can create a better future.


in Action

Supported by our partners we aim to drive forward pioneering solutions that will end elder abuse and create a fairer future. Read our blogs to find out about our latest innovative actions.

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