Students for Elder Justice

Lessons for Living

By connecting students with older adults, we educate them on healthy aging and expose them to the sagacity and deep experience of older generations. Students participate in dialogues with older adults about their lives and recognize them as an inspiring source of wisdom — ranging from topics like how to be happy on a day-to-day basis, the secrets to a successful marriage, and ways to have a fulfilling career.

Training a New Generation of Elder Justice Advocates

The elder justice movement is like a relay race whose future strength and success depend on our ability to recruit new participants. Educating and training students to recognize and react to the harmful manifestations of ageism is crucial to the future of elder abuse prevention. Our program fosters a new generation of advocates to carry the elder justice movement forward.

Partnership with Ageless Alliance

Our student program works in partnership with Ageless Alliance, a grassroots effort to build awareness about elder abuse and stop it.  Ageless Alliance works with the students after their summer experience to conduct elder justice awareness activities back on campus.

You can support the next generation of elder justice advocates by making a donation to Students for Elder Justice. 

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