Righting the Wrong of Elder Abuse.

We are Elder Abuse Solutions (EAS). Join us in building a world where we can all grow old safely.

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As Americans, we believe in a just society. One in 6 of us will experience abuse in later life. If nothing changes, this number will grow. We can and must work together to build a fairer world for everyone.

Everyone's Problem

Currently, around 1 in 6 older adults experience abuse, neglect or exploitation. Most cases go unreported.

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Society has the Solution

Creating strong social structures builds respect for older people and connects them with their communities.

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It's Up to Us

Everyone ages. If we want a world that still supports and includes us, we must build it. A better future is up to us.

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A Strong Foundation for Later Life

Each of us has the right and the potential to lead an engaged and secure later life. But many older people are being let down. By building on current services and strengthening community support we can end elder abuse.

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What We Do

Stopping Elder Abuse in Its Tracks

Expert teams of medical professionals, legal and social workers, and financial investigators are working together to uncover elder abuse - and intervene immediately.

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Resources for Concerned Friends and Family

Learn more about elder abuse, recognize the signs of elder abuse and where to get help. Our confidential Helpline will provide support to those concerned about elder abuse.

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Policy and Research

We advocate for better laws to protect older adults. We conduct groundbreaking research with our peers to prevent, recognize and respond when elder abuse takes place.

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End the Injustice of Elder Abuse

Play a part in creating a more just society for all by getting involved. Whether you make a gift, fundraise or speak out , you can make a difference to older people today.

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