How You Can Help End Elder Abuse

Want to know how you can help end elder abuse? By giving one of these: Treasure, Talent, Time, or Talk.

How Can You Help End Elder Abuse?

Great projects need financial support, but ending elder abuse will take more than money.


Donate today to put your dollars behind projects that are helping people, changing laws, teaching people or expanding the knowledge base.


Everyone has something they are really good at. These exceptional talents can translate into meaningful contributions in the effort to end elder abuse.


Isolation destroys people. Giving your time and attention can transform a life. Engage with older adults in your family, social network, or community.


Awareness of the elder abuse makes it less likely to happen. Talk to people about the issue, give impromptu speeches, and post articles on social media.


We need financial support urgently as Elder Abuse is:


It could happen to anyone.
It could happen to you.

Your donation will have an out-sized impact.

We will make sure that any funds you donate have very big impact. We will do this by putting donor money where need is great and impact is high. Every dollar can make a difference.


Are you athletic? Run a race, climb a mountain, or walk a walkathon for elder abuse.

Are you Artistic? Shoot photos, paint a picture, or knit a blanket for elder abuse.

Are you an entertainer? Have people over for coffee, host a dinner, or create a new type of event for elder abuse.

Have a talent you want to share? Get in touch!

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A Conversation Can Change a Life
Find an older adult who could use some company or assistance and spark up a conversation. Take the time to take an interest


Facebook: Visit our page, share our posts, start conversations to tell the world that we must end elder abuse.

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Twitter: Tweet, retweet, and traverse the twitosphere to spread the word that elder abuse must end.

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Speak to people: Go analog and share the message with the spoke word. People need to know and you can tell them.