Ending Elder Abuse is Our Mission.

We are a team dedicated to ending elder abuse in America and beyond. We need your help to get this done.

Elderabuse.org has been created to understand, prevent, and treat elder abuse. We do this through research, direct service, public education, and advocating for better laws and policies.

Carmel B. Dyer Second Family Program

At-risk older adults receive companionship and social interactions that are vital to their safety, health, and sense of purpose.

Today, many people live miles away from their parents and grandparents.

The Carmel B. Dyer Second Family Program provides a second family for isolated older adults.

Elder Abuse by the Numbers

'Billions' icon, shining gold bars


the number of elder abuse victims in the United States compared to 1.25 million victims of child abuse.

'1 in 5' icon, a pie chart

1 in 5

the number of seniors who report being a victim of financial abuse.

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the increased risk of death for older adults experiencing abuse

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2 out of 3

the number of elder abuse cases where a family member is the abuser

1 in 10 Americans will experience elder abuse in later life.

Elder Abuse is literally an epidemic. The numbers of victims is steadily rising. We must all come together to make ending elder abuse a priority.

That one could be you.

Imagine surviving to old age, only to experience abuse in later life. Elder abuse effects people of all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, social status or income level. We need your help in the fight to end it.

Together, We Can End Elder Abuse.

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The people who started elderabuse.org are changing how we respond to elder abuse in New York City and beyond.


Elder abuse typically has multiple causes. These include mental health problems in the abuser, medical problems in the victim, and other external factors such as poverty or substance abuse. No one professional working alone can single-handedly end elder abuse. It takes a team of people from fields like medicine, law, social work, housing and other areas working together to problem-solve. We at elderabuse.org are that team.


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We are committed to ending elder abuse with all Americans. Even small gifts have a significant impact on making that happen.