For many people, elder abuse isn’t something they willfully ignore.  It’s something they don’t even know about.  We aim to change that.

June 15, 2017 marks the twelfth annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD). 

Here are 5 things you can do to join efforts around the globe to raise awareness and end the injustice of elder abuse.

1. Register your support

You can take action by simply subscribing here [link to register page]. Knowing about elder abuse is the first step in ending it. We’ll send you updates to keep you informed about the needs and opportunities in elder abuse prevention. You’ll know about our progress and future initiatives. We will find a way to use your skills and voice to end the world’s greatest injustice.

2. Tell 3 friends about elder abuse

Part of the problem with tackling elder abuse is that so few people know it exists. You can’t eradicate a problem you don’t know about. By just telling 3 people about elder abuse will start the process of educating people about this terrible affliction. Ask each of them to tell 3 more of their friends. 

For a quick summary of elder abuse, look at our brief info page of the condition here.

3. Raise Awareness Online

Celebrate World Elder Abuse Awareness Day by tweeting these shareable nuggets:

  • 1 in 10 older adults are abused each year in the United States. #WhatIsElder Abuse #EndElderAbuse    
  • Elder abuse remains an invisible problem. As few as 1 in 23 elder abuse cases in the United States are reported to the authorities. #WhatIsElder Abuse #EndElderAbuse    
  • Abused older persons have a 300% increased risk of death. #WhatIsElder Abuse #EndElderAbuse    
  • Over 2 million older people currently subject to abuse in the United States alone. #WhatIsElder Abuse #EndElderAbuse    
  • 73 million Americans are personally aware of an older adult experiencing elder abuse. #WhatIsElder Abuse #EndElderAbuse  
  • 32 million Americans are suffering extreme stress due to their knowledge of a mistreated older person. #WhatIsElder Abuse #EndElderAbuse

4. Comment on this blog

Let’s continue the conversation and get even more people aware of elder abuse. If you feel inspired, then leave a comment below on what you think about this injustice. Why should the world care about elder abuse? What can we do to get the word out more? What questions do you have about elder abuse that need to be answered?

5. Donate Now

Your donation can have a profound impact. So please give money to help us continue our efforts to identify, address and prevent elder abuse. Because together, we can try to give back survivors of abuse their lives and their dignity.

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