On Friday, July 12, 2019, Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio and Elderabuse.org Board member Dr. Mark Lachs participated in an “Ask Me Anything” on the website Reddit.com.  An online audience from around the country asked them questions about financial elder abuse and why seniors are more vulnerable to scams.

This “Ask Me Anything” continued the conversation that began in May 2019 when David Brancaccio hosted a superb radio series on the Marketplace Morning Report, airing nationally on NPR stations, titled “Brains and Losses.”  This series included interviews with older adults who had been scammed out of their life savings, along with the family members and loved ones who tried to step in and help. 

The series also featured interviews with researchers and elder abuse experts, including Dr. Mark Lachs, who are trying to figure out why seniors are more vulnerable to financial exploitation and scams.  Listen to this highly informative Marketplace series here: https://www.marketplace.org/collection/brains-losses-aging-financial-vulnerability/

Resources from the series are available here: https://www.marketplace.org/2019/05/17/where-to-find-more-information-on-elder-financial-vulnerability/

We have made a PDF of the financial elder abuse “Ask Me Anything” Reddit with David Brancaccio and Dr. Mark Lachs available for download. Please click the “Download” pill below to open the PDF document in a new window: