Elderabuse.org is honored to announce that Dr. David Burnes has joined its board.  An eminent clinician scientist in the field of elder abuse, David has done groundbreaking work in both the measurement of elder abuse severity, and how to scientifically assess the efficacy of elder abuse interventions.  

An esteemed faculty member at the University of Toronto, David’s background is an unusual amalgam of qualitative and quantitative science, in that he has training in both mathematics and social work.

To learn more about Dr. Burnes, please visit his bio (https://socialwork.utoronto.ca/profiles/david-burnes/)

We are pleased to share a few of Dr. Burnes’ important research papers with the Elderabuse.org community:


The feasibility of goal attainment scaling to measure case resolution in elder abuse and neglect adult protective services intervention: Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect: Vol 30, No 3 – tandfonline.com

ABSTRACTObjectives: This pilot study describes implementation procedures of goal attainment scaling (GAS) and examines the feasibility of using GAS to measure the multifarious intervention outcome of case resolution in elder mistreatment (EM) adult protective services (APS).Methods: Substantiated EM victims (n = 27) were recruited prospectively from the State of Maine APS.



Elder Abuse Severity: A Critical but Understudied Dimension of Victimization for Clinicians and Researchers | The Gerontologist | Oxford Academic

Elder mistreatment (EM) is a pervasive public health concern with major individual consequences, such as shortened survival as well as societal costs (Dong, 2014; Pillemer et al., 2015).One-year EM incidence among community-dwelling, cognitively intact older adults in the United States is 7.6–9.5% (Pillemer, Burnes, Riffin, & Lachs, 2015).EM refers to an intentional act or omission of care …